How to Hire a Massachusetts Divorce Lawyer

Divorce Attorneys in Brockton, Fall River, New Bedford, and Framingham

You do not have to pay an expensive hourly rate to get your uncontested divorce resolved.

Our low-cost divorce services and fees are now offered on a fixed fee basis, which means you will always know in advance how much you will pay.

Some of the services that you can hire one of our experienced lawyers for include legal document review and preparation, drafting or opposing motions or pleadings, and making appearances at one of the Massachusetts Probate and Family Courts on your behalf.

Our Massachusetts divorce attorneys only perform the divorce legal services that we specifically agree upon. We do not represent you and do not make appearances for you or sign papers on your behalf — unless you hire one of us for that limited purpose.

Deciding whether to hire a lawyer or handle your own case

Going through a divorce without a lawyer is a dangerous move. Especially if your spouse has retained an attorney, consider how that attorney knows the ins-and-outs of divorce that non-lawyers generally do not. Additionally, if either one of you is harboring a lot of anger, sadness, or if you are in a fragile state, you'll be at a disadvantage. Judges are instructed to treat self-represented litigants no different than attorneys — whether you understand divorce law and Massachusetts procedure or not.

With decades of combined experience, our attorneys know how to get results to get your case resolved. Not every case requires a run to the courtroom. On the other hand, you need representation from someone that knows how to prosecute your case should you need to go into the courtroom. With a proven track record of litigation, we achieve optimal results for our clients through negotiation, mediation or other forms of alternative dispute resolution, and, if necessary, trial.

Even if you are convinced you can handle it yourself, chances are you'll still need our self-help or second opinion services. We are available to clients 7 days a week.

What traits to look for in a divorce lawyer

Here are the qualities you should be looking for when you begin looking for an attorney to represent you in your divorce case:

  • An attorney who is local. You need an advocate who is familiar with the judges, local rules, and opposing counsel.
  • A divorce law firm that has a narrow practice focus. If the case gets complex, you want a lawyer who focuses their practice in domestic relations law.
  • If you have children, find a custody lawyer who will put the needs of your children first. If the attorney has children of his or her own, you should also ask about how to help children adjust to divorce if the process has already begun.
  • Find a divorce attorney who provides services for a set fee, who will help you reach a middle-ground, and one who would rather help you work with your spouse — not one who wants to fight (and drive up the legal bill).

How divorce legal fees are handled

Attorneys charge for their time, and it is ultimately up to you and your spouse as to how much your divorce will cost. You can work together and settle major issues outside the courtroom; the end-result will be saving more for college and spending less on a needless courtroom battle. In a contested divorce, ashes are the only thing left behind, and it will do great harm to your children.

If you or your spouse hires an attorney who believes the only way to get through a divorce is to become aggressive in search of winning, you'll be paying large fees for that attitude. Remember, pay-by-the-hour lawyers don't get paid to settle quickly! Take some time to learn how to reduce your legal fees.

Find out how affordable our flat fees are

Do you want to know exactly how affordable our flat fees are in Massachusetts divorce cases? Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation or call 800-461-6900 to schedule an appointment. We meet clients 7 days a week at any of our local law offices throughout Massachusetts and New England.