Massachusetts Low Cost Divorce Attorney

Affordable Mass. Family Court Lawyer With Low Flat Fees

At Pollack Law Group, P.C. (PLG), we offer low costs and fixed fees to our clients who are seeking legal representation or self-help legal services related to in impending divorce or child custody matter.

Our flat fees and low rates are key factors in why clients select us, and because we focus our business on divorce preparation, financial issues, and protecting the best interests of children and divorce, we have become very good at it.

Handling all aspects of uncontested divorce for one low fee

We are efficient and have finely-tuned systematic approaches in structured departments such as:

First Divorce Decisions: We guide clients through the steps of deciding when to divorce, complying with the filing requirements, understanding the difference between fault and no-fault grounds, learning which court has jurisdiction over their matter, and deciding whether or not to file first.

Divorce Process: Once clients are informed about Rule 411 (the automatic restraining order on assets), we assess whether or not there is a need to seek judicial intervention on temporary orders, and then begin the discovery process with the goal of reaching a global agreement on all the relevant issues.

Financial Issues: A day doesn't go buy that we aren't answering questions about alimony, property division, the marital home, business ownership issues, or advising men and women about retirement and pension accounts, different consequences or divorce-related issues surrounding insurance and estate planning.

Children & Divorce: All parents ask us questions about the required parenting class, and both moms and dads alike seek our advice and counsel relating to how to help children adjust to divorce, child support issues, the different custody and parenting plan options, and financial planning for college.

Reduce the cost of your divorce

Some people are of the belief that you must hire a top-notch Massachusetts divorce attorney to represent you in a divorce case. That is not the case. While legal advice is prudent, using the traditional system alone can result in an adversarial environment that only increases conflict and bitterness. The system can turn divorcing couples into lifelong enemies. That's insane.

A better way to divorce in Massachusetts

Essentially, the Massachusetts divorce statutes are very clear about how divorce and family law matters should be handled. When it comes right down to it, there are three main issues to resolve in divorce: property division, spousal support, and child issues such as custody and child support when children are involved. The laws will govern what you can and can't do, and as much as seeking legal advice in these areas should assure the best possible outcome, you shouldn't have to pay a fortune to get it.

Get your divorce handled for one low fee

You don't have to pay a lawyer an expensive hourly rate to get your uncontested divorce resolved. Now, there's a better way to end your marriage. Learn more by reading:

Find out how affordable our flat fees are

People frequently insist that our fees are too good to be true. They worry that their case is too complex for us to handle on a flat fee basis.

We prove them wrong. No case is too complex. We provide complete legal services for uncontested divorce matters from just $975 – for clients across Massachusetts and throughout New England. We have more than 20 offices and meet with clients seven days a week.

Start your divorce for free

Learn what we can do for you. Call 800-461-6900 or contact us online for a free, no-obligation consultation to have your questions answered. Find out exactly how much difference there is between our low fixed fees and expensive hourly fees.